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Volunteer to be part of a Board of Elections Team

What's this campaign all about?

The Board of Elections teams (BOE teams) is a project of the Ohio Voter Rights Coalition (OVRC). We work hard every day to protect voters in Ohio — and we need your help to make that happen! You don’t have to be a voting expert to join BOE teams — your curiosity and desire to advocate on behalf of voters is a great first start! We’ll provide training and resources to be an effective BOE team member.


The purpose of our BOE teams is to build and maintain relationships with local elections officials. Our goal is to create independent, high functioning teams that will:

  1. Assess election readiness for their counties.

  2. Compile and share county-level information with other BOE teams for the purpose of creating a broader understanding of election administration across Ohio.

  3. Improve the administration of elections for the benefit of all voters through advocacy, civic education, election protection, direct action etc. 

  4. Partner with election officials to promote civic engagement and increase public confidence in our election system.


Join a BOE team and get “paired up” with other volunteers doing this work in your region. You’ll have the opportunity to collaborate, divide responsibilities and learn from each other! BOE teams participate in the following core activities:

  1. Attend regular BOE team meetings to learn and share best practices with other BOE teams around the state.

  2. Attend local board of elections meetings to monitor developments and share notable findings with OVRC.

  3. Assess election readiness by communicating directly with local board of elections and obtaining responses to OVRC election readiness questionnaires.

  4. Partner with boards of elections to support civic engagement projects as needed (e.g. voting machine demonstrations, poll worker recruitment, National Voter Registration Day).


  1. Join the OVRC. General membership to OVRC is open to any organization or individual who supports our mission and agrees to participate in the name of the Ohio Voter Rights Coalition in a non-partisan manner consistent with 501(c)(3) status).

  2. Attend (or watch recordings for) at least 50% of BOE team meetings. BOE Teams meetings are virtual and occur on the last Thursday of each month at 6 pm. Register here to join this committee.

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