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In January 2023, Governor DeWine signed HB 458 into law, a massive overhaul of Ohio's elections that results in Ohio voters losing many important voting freedoms, including the freedom to vote with an alternate form of ID such as a utility bill, government document, or paycheck.


Now, there are two options to vote: vote in person with photo ID needed or vote by mail without photo ID needed.


The Ohio Voter Rights Coalition and our Education Committee is committed to educating Ohio voters about the new voting requirements so everyone can use their voice at the ballot box. Voter suppression like HB 458 happens when elected officials are scared of the power of your vote. Don’t let them silence you — read on to learn how to protect and use your power to vote.

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What does Ohio's new voting law do?


The new anti-voter law: 

  • Forces in-person voters to use an unexpired photo ID to vote, during the early voting period, or on Election Day. There are only four acceptable photo IDs. They are an Ohio driver’s license, an Ohio-issued state identification card, a U.S. or state military ID, or passport.

  • Limits drop boxes to one location per county that are open 24/7 during early voting. 

  • Shortens the absentee ballot request window; ballots now must be requested a full week before Election Day (by 5pm 7 days before Election Day) as opposed to the previous Saturday by noon.

  • Adds non-citizen designation on driver’s license and state ID cards.

  • Eliminates the last day of early voting, the Monday before Election Day.

  • Mandates that absentee ballots must be received by County Board of Elections four days after Election Day, as opposed to ten days.

  • Changes curbside voting rules so that only those with a physical disability or those physically unable to enter a polling location are eligible for this option.

  • Shortens the window to cure provisional ballots from seven days to four days.  


Need help getting a free ID?

VoteRiders is a nonpartisan organization that provides free voter ID assistance so that every American can cast a ballot that counts.

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